Get that order!

A hectic game where your task as a chef, is to make sure all orders are sent out in time. Prep, Cook & Serve! The more orders coming in, the more hectic it gets!


Because of time-shortage and other various reasons I couldn't seem to get it working correctly in itch's default window mode. However, full-screen mode should work as intended!


  • Turn left & right using A- and W-keys.
  • Use your mouse to interact with objects.
  • Press an order to get information about it.
  • Press and ingredient to add it to your inventory.
  • Press the frying pan to enable cooking, then press the ingredient in your inventory to add it.
  • Press cook to start cooking, but make sure you remove it in time or else it will burn!
  • When you have all the ingredients for your order, press the order once again and there should be a button for serving your magnificent meal.
  • Hit 'Escape' for pausing, sound can also be adjusted here!

About Me

Erik Rodriguez, 21, Sophomore College student studying Game Development in Sweden.  

Time spent on the Game Jam

  • Day 1: ~15h
  • Day 2: ~  8h
  • Day 3: ~12h
  • Total: ~ 35h (out of 72h)


There are several bugs, and bad behaviors, especially UI-related things. However, I hope that find some joy out of this little project!